Engineer in Tokyo

PyCon APAC 2013

PyCon APAC 2013 is over! I want to thank everyone who helped make the conference a great success. Staff, speakers, attendees alike all contributed to making PyCon APAC 2013 the best PyCon in Japan ever.


We had many, many sponsors this year and I want to thank each and every one of them. They helped tremendously to make PyCon APAC a huge success. Our list of sponsors is really a list of very special companies doing amazing things. We literally could not do it without them, so I hope that our guests realize our sponsors’ commitment to them and to the community.


Our venue this year was wonderful. I would like to thank the folks at Kougakuin University for their help and for allowing us to use their facilities for our conference. The facilities were very nice clean and I observed very few problems. Compared to previous years I think the conference went very smoothly and I think the venue played a large part. We are very grateful to the University for their cooperation.

Speakers & Attendees

I would like to thank all our speakers and attendees as well. We had clusters of attendees and speakers from Atlassian, Dropbox, Makeleaps, Gengo, as well as many other folks from companies using Python attend PyCon APAC this year. I’m glad everyone could brave the heavy rain to come on the second day.

I want to especially thank speakers and attendees that traveled to Japan from abroad for the conference. I had a great time helping to coordinate with our speakers coming from abroad and to make sure our keynotes went smoothly in my small capacity as a core staff member and board member. This year many things went south, but the many things improved from last year more than made up for the few small issues we had. I think this was by far the best PyCon we have had in Japan thanks to our guests from abroad. I hope you enjoyed Japan as much as I do and wish you safe travels on the way home.


Next Year

Next year PyCon APAC will be held in Taiwan and we will go back to holding our regular PyCon JP here in Japan. The reigns have been handed over from our former Chairperson Manabu Terada to our new PyCon JP Chairperson Takanori Suzuki. I think with his new energy PyCon JP will be the biggest and best PyCon in Japan ever. So I encourage everyone to sign up as staff members, submit talk proposals, and just attend the conference so that we can build a much stronger and vibrant Python community in Japan together.