On Saturday we held our first Python JP 2011. We had approximately 230 people show up which I think is great for a first time Python conference in Japan. I want to thank all of the members of the planning committee, staff, and attendees for such a wonderful event. I had so much fun!

The Python community in Japan is growing but has not been very organized so it has been hard to see how many people are using Python in Japan. The Python community and conference is very large in the U.S. and Europe but until this conference, I had never felt like there were many developers in Japan. The number and enthusiasm of the attendees has renewed my confidence that we can have a large thriving community of Python programmers here as well.

I participated in the conference as a planner, staff member, and speaker, but I really didn't do much. The credit goes to a few amazing people who did a much better job than I could have ever done. This PyconJP's conference chair was Manabu Terada (@terapyon) and the vice-chair's were Yasushi Masuda (@whosaysni) and Takayuki Shimizukawa (@shimizukawa). Our unofficial vice-chair was Takanori Suzuki (@takonory). These folks did a tremendious job organizing the conference.

As a speaker I gave an English language talk entitled "Asynchronous Python Programming" in which I talked about how one does asynchronous and conncurrent programming in Python. The ustream video for my talk is below.

My slides are also online here:

Thanks again everyone for such an awesome conference!