Ian Lewis
Jan. 19, 2016
I joined Google one year ago today. It's been a really busy year and I can't believe it's over so fast. I still feel like I just joined and there's so much that I'm still getting used to. Google has been at the same time the easiest and the hard[...]
April 27, 2015
As some of you may or may not know, I joined Google as a Developer Advocate on the Google Cloud Platform Team in January. I just completed my first 3 months and, like many others, it's been a whirlwind experience. The sheer amount you need to le[...]
May 3, 2013
Testing out the new photo sphere widget. The widget below is a photo sphere of our trip to Great Falls Park. You can find out more about how to embed the widget here: https://developers.google.com/panorama/web Another working example is here: [...]
March 29, 2012
This year's Google IO page has a nifty little game that allows you to build a machine that guides a ball from an input chute to an output chute. I noticed right away that the tools you can use seem to have odd shapes as if designed for a purpose[...]
Dec. 29, 2010
(This post is the English translation of the Dec. 24th edition of the Python Web Framework Advent Calendar 2010. Other posts can be found at: http://atnd.org/events/10465 though they will be in Japanese) I usually use the kay framework for Appe[...]
Dec. 3, 2010
Google Appengine 1.4.0 was just released and has lots of interesting new features. Channel API, "Always On" (reserved instances), Improvements to background processing, Warm up requests, and Metadata queries just to name the big ones. ## Channe[...]
Nov. 23, 2010
Yesterday I became the new Google Appengine API Expert (Python) for the Japan region. Google Experts are the equivalent for Google API Gurus as they are called in the 'States. I will be helping out other developers in Japan to learn about and us[...]
May 1, 2010
Today I found that google chrome was making lots of background connections to 1e100.net. I was a little worried at first but this seems to be a google owned domain and these connections are used for their anti-phishing/malware feature. But even[...]
Oct. 21, 2009
My good friend Takashi Matsuo wrote an interesting blog about start up times of various frameworks on appengine. Because appengine kills your server process it often needs to load your application into memory from scratch. This can take a lot of[...]
June 19, 2009
The Google Appengine SDK 1.2.3 was just released and contains some often asked for goodies such as Django 1.0 support and support for a task queue API. I haven't found much information about the Django 1.0 version in Appengine but here are some[...]