Ian Lewis
Jan. 14, 2013
There is a small but growing Python community in Japan. Many people, even some of those Python enthusiasts who living in Japan, are unaware of this and don't know who any of these people are. There are a lot of reasons for this but the number on[...]
March 25, 2012
Recently there have been a lot of conversations on the Django mailing list about fixing the auth module. Here are some of the recent mailing list threads: 1. authentication by email 2. auth.User refactor: reboot 3. auth.User: The abstract[...]
Sept. 12, 2011
I had an application with two lists of unique items that I wanted to take the intersection of. I had figured that using a python set would be faster but I didn't realize that it would be faster than the simple list comprehension by this much. [...]
Sept. 1, 2011
On Saturday we held our first Python JP 2011. We had approximately 230 people show up which I think is great for a first time Python conference in Japan. I want to thank all of the members of the planning committee, staff, and attendees for such[...]
Aug. 2, 2011
The Python Programming Language community in Japan will be having our first Pycon JP on August 27th at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (産業技術大学院大学) in Tokyo's Shinagawa Seaside. Pycon JP started in the aftermath of Pycon APAC 201[...]
March 7, 2011
The Kay team just just released Kay 1.1! I want to thank Takashi Matsuo, Nickolas Daskalou, Tasuku Suenaga, and Yosuke Suzuki for their hard work on this release. Kay is a web framework made specifically for Google App Engine. The basic design [...]
Dec. 29, 2010
(This post is the English translation of the Dec. 24th edition of the Python Web Framework Advent Calendar 2010. Other posts can be found at: http://atnd.org/events/10465 though they will be in Japanese) I usually use the kay framework for Appe[...]
Dec. 3, 2010
Google Appengine 1.4.0 was just released and has lots of interesting new features. Channel API, "Always On" (reserved instances), Improvements to background processing, Warm up requests, and Metadata queries just to name the big ones. ## Channe[...]
Nov. 23, 2010
Yesterday I became the new Google Appengine API Expert (Python) for the Japan region. Google Experts are the equivalent for Google API Gurus as they are called in the 'States. I will be helping out other developers in Japan to learn about and us[...]
Nov. 15, 2010
The other day I released bpssl which is a Django application that helps you support HTTPS on your website. The main functionality is performing redirection for HTTPS only URLs and views. For instance, if a request for your login view '/login' is[...]