Ian Lewis Ian Lewis is a web developer living in Tokyo Japan. His current interests are in Go, Python, alternative databases and rapid web application development.
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Deploying Go Servers with Kubernetes on Container Engine

I was trying to get a Go app running on Container Engine and couldn't quite find what I was looking for. There are guides out there about how to use Go and Docker, and how to use Kubernetes but b[...]

Why I Joined Google

As some of you may or may not know, I joined Google as a Developer Advocate on the Google Cloud Platform Team in January. I just completed my first 3 months and, like many others, it's been a whi[...]

Orchestration with Fabric #1

When figuring out how I wanted to deploy my website I had a few things that I knew I wanted. I wanted to be able to create my server(s), provision them, and deploy the app all from one tool. This[...]

Javascript Templating Languages

I have been looking at JavaScript templating libraries recently for a personal project and I'd like to write about my thoughts here. Up until now, I had only really needed to use JavaScript on t[...]

Pickling Objects with Cached Properties

Python descriptors allow you to create properties on python objects that are the result of executing some code. One of the simplest ways of doing that is using the `@property` decorator. Here, ac[...]

App EngineのMaster-Slaveデータストアを廃止する件

App Engineの一部のユーザーに最近は以下のようなメールが何件届いていると思います。こういうようなメールは英語で書かれいて、「英語を読むの面倒くせぇー 、スルーしよう」ってメールを消す[...]

Rebuild.fm #83 のメモ

rebuild.fmの今回のゲストはCoreOS Meetup Tokyoの@deeetさんでした。最近、CoreOS Meetup が話題になっていて、僕もCoreOS Meetup To[...]

Google Cloud PlatformのDeveloper Advocate になりました!

Googleの新入社員として、 Google Cloud Platform チームで働くことになりました。 Developer Advocateとして、僕は、以前、 GDE としてやってい[...]


BPでは6年間、長い期間で勤めた。振り返ってみると、僕がBPに入った時にBPはだいぶ違う会社だった。6,7人の受託開発をする会社でほぼすべての受託案件は常駐 だった。最初の1年間が一番忙しか[...]

Kubernetes + Mesos の組み合わせ

この記事は Kubernetes Advent Calendar 2014 の19日目の記事です。18日の記事は kazunori279 の GKE+BQがうまく動かなかった話。 Kube[...]