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Hi! I'm Ian. I am a Developer Advocate working for Google on the Google Cloud Platform Team in Tokyo, Japan. I like to play with and hack on distributed systems, containers, in Go, and Python.

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May 31, 2017
This is the third post in a series on making smaller Docker images. In the first post I talked about how to create smaller images by writing better Dockerfiles. In the second post I talked about [...]
May 15, 2017
In a previous post I wrote about Kubernetes health checks. Since I'm a Python developer and a fan, I went about implementing it in Django. Health checks are a great way to help Kubernetes help yo[...]
Dec. 6, 2016
For those of you that don't know there is a new Python API client in the kubernetes-incubator project: client-python. There has been some high quality Python clients like pykube, but client-pytho[...]
Oct. 12, 2016
`kubeadm` is a new tool that is part of the Kubernetes distribution as of 1.4.0 which helps you to install and set up a Kubernetes cluster. One of the most frequent criticisms of Kubernetes is th[...]
Sept. 13, 2016
Kubernetes includes a feature called services which serve as a kind of load balancer for pods. When pods misbehave or otherwise stop working, sometimes you'll want to remove the pod from the serv[...]



Dec. 17, 2016
> この記事は Kubernetes Advent Calendar 2016 の第17日目の記事。第16目はyuanyingさんの「Openstack で Kubernetes を使う」で[...]
Dec. 2, 2016
> この記事は pyspa Advent Calendar 2016 の第2日目の記事。第1目はakisuteさんの「今年の話」だった。 「斧さんの記事凄かった。pyspa の二日目の人ま[...]
Oct. 19, 2016
最近、Kubernetesのヘルスチェックについての質問をよく見ています。ここでヘルスチェックの種類の違いや、どう使うか説明してみます。 ## Liveness Probe Kubern[...]
Sept. 27, 2016
今年のPyCon JP で Tensorflowについて発表させていただきました。私は台北の出張があって今年のPyCon JPで2日目しか参加できなくて残念でしたが、今年は過去最高のPyCo[...]
March 21, 2016
この記事は小さいDockerイメージの作成について第2版目の記事。前回の記事で小さいDockerイメージの作り方について書きましたが、その方法を使った場合、 どのくらい小さくできるかは限られ[...]