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Hi! I'm Ian. I am a Developer Advocate working for Google on the Google Cloud Platform Team in Tokyo, Japan. I like to play with and hack on distributed systems, containers, in Go, and Python.

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May 15, 2017
In a previous post I wrote about Kubernetes health checks. Since I'm a Python developer and a fan, I went about implementing it in Django. Health checks are a great way to help Kubernetes help yo[...]
Dec. 6, 2016
For those of you that don't know there is a new Python API client in the kubernetes-incubator project: client-python. There has been some high quality Python clients like pykube, but client-pytho[...]
Oct. 12, 2016
`kubeadm` is a new tool that is part of the Kubernetes distribution as of 1.4.0 which helps you to install and set up a Kubernetes cluster. One of the most frequent criticisms of Kubernetes is th[...]
Sept. 13, 2016
Kubernetes includes a feature called services which serve as a kind of load balancer for pods. When pods misbehave or otherwise stop working, sometimes you'll want to remove the pod from the serv[...]
May 24, 2016
I've seen a lot of questions about Kubernetes health checks recently and how they should be used. I'll do my best to explain them and the difference between the types of health checks and how eac[...]



Dec. 17, 2016
> この記事は Kubernetes Advent Calendar 2016 の第17日目の記事。第16目はyuanyingさんの「Openstack で Kubernetes を使う」で[...]
Dec. 2, 2016
> この記事は pyspa Advent Calendar 2016 の第2日目の記事。第1目はakisuteさんの「今年の話」だった。 「斧さんの記事凄かった。pyspa の二日目の人ま[...]
Oct. 19, 2016
最近、Kubernetesのヘルスチェックについての質問をよく見ています。ここでヘルスチェックの種類の違いや、どう使うか説明してみます。 ## Liveness Probe Kubern[...]
Sept. 27, 2016
今年のPyCon JP で Tensorflowについて発表させていただきました。私は台北の出張があって今年のPyCon JPで2日目しか参加できなくて残念でしたが、今年は過去最高のPyCo[...]
March 21, 2016
この記事は小さいDockerイメージの作成について第2版目の記事。前回の記事で小さいDockerイメージの作り方について書きましたが、その方法を使った場合、 どのくらい小さくできるかは限られ[...]