Engineer in Tokyo

Hi, I’m Ian

I am an engineer based in Tokyo, Japan since 2006. I am fluent in Japanese passing JLPT N1 in 2013.

My current interests are in Container Native Security, Supply Chain Security, Containers, and Kubernetes. I am currently working as a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. The opinions stated here are my own, not necessarily those of my company.

Recent blog posts

Past work

While at Google I’ve worked on a projects and services relating to containers, security, and open-source, including the SLSA framework and gVisor.

Prior to Google I focused on developer communities developing Connpass, the largest IT meetup event tool in Japan with hundreds of thousands of users. I also co-founded and served on the board of PyCon JP, the largest Python event in Japan.

During this time I was a Google Developer Expert specializing in the Python language version of App Engine.

I wrote Perfect Python with other Japanese Python community members, and have written articles for Nikkei Linux Magazine.


You can contact me via my email at