Yesterday I became the new Google Appengine API Expert (Python) for the Japan region. Google Experts are the equivalent for Google API Gurus as they are called in the 'States. I will be helping out other developers in Japan to learn about and use Appengine and successfully deploy projects.

I've been playing with Appengine since just after it came out in 2008 and I've built a number of sites from my company's homepage, to applications for internal use, to a site for sharing code snippets. I'm currently helping to test out new features, and provide information and support to Japanese developers. I hope that anyone interested in Japan and interested in Appengine will read my blog to learn more about some of the exciting things that are happening here with Appengine.

I hang out on the English Language Python, Java and Appengine General mailing lists, as well as the Japanese mailing list.

I hope to let people in the 'States and elsewhere know about what's going on in Japan and introduce them to Japan and it's developers. Hope to talk to you soon!