Engineer in Tokyo

Google Wave BOF

I attended the Google Wave BOF (Birds of a Feather, A gathering of people with similar interests). It was a good time for folks with Google Wave accounts to show it off to folks who can't sign into it yet. It originally was going to be about 25 people but due to popular demand the location had to be moved, and it went up to about 40 people. Lots of folks were interested in hearing about Google Wave as a new collaborative platform.

id:a2c mentioned my 'debuggy' robot that I created to show events as they get fired by Google Wave. Below is me showing off debuggy at the Googleplex. I got a very tepid response from the folks at the hackathon. I seemed to get a better response from people at the BOF. I'll talk more about debuggy in a later post.

As it is, currently it was hard for most people to visualize how they would use the tool for daily work but everyone seemed interested in the possibilities and it was recieved warmly. Looking forward to future releases of Google Wave!